What is Reiki and What do people use Reiki for?

Reiki is a complementary therapy which came from Japan to the West in the mid 1900s. It is a safe, simple and effective support system and effective tool for bringing well-being, reducing stress and the effects of stress, depression, illness and surgery.

In England and the US, Reiki is a mainstream technique and Reiki practitioners work doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, hospices, in health spas, well-ness centres, birth centres and prisons etc and now Reiki is becoming
more well known now in New Zealand.

Reiki helps to bring the mind and body into a state of balance and relaxation.

Reiki supports the body in increasing the body’s own ability to heal.

What do people use Reiki for?

The simple answer is “everything”

…but that’s not very helpful when you’re trying to understand what Reiki is about.

Most people find Reiki when they are looking for help for a specific purpose such as dealing with stress during a difficult time at work or at home.

Here’s a list of common reasons people have for finding Reiki:

  • Every-day life issues like concerns about a child
  • Wanting to maintain good health once it’s been achieved
  • Relaxation after a big life event such as moving home/area/country
  • Wanting to get some life and work balance
  • Wanting to think clearly about a problem
  • Dealing with all sorts of family problems including rows and arguments
  • Relationship issues – discussing problems
  • Relationship break up
  • Stress management
  • Support with good eating habits
  • Worry about family members
  • Concerns about elderly parents
  • Having a big decision to make such as a career change and wanting to be clear thinking
  • During family illness and crises
  • Coping with loss of family and friends
  • Help while stopping smoking
  • Coming to terms with normal ageing
  • Down time for self
  • Earthquake fears

…..and then people find Reiki works for everything…and it feels wonderful.

Next time you’re feeling in need of some help and support with whatever life is throwing at you, call Eileen and book a Reiki appointment.

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