Reiki Training with Reiki Pure and Simple

Eileen has been a Reiki Master Teacher for 22 years and brings a wealth of experience, gained over this time, to all her Reiki work.

Reiki First Degree Course

This is a 9 hour course which is often taken as 3 x 3 hours or 1.5 days.

During the First Degree course you receive four attunements which greatly increase the energy flow through your system. The background and history of Reiki is covered. You also learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment and how to treat others. There is in-depth training and plenty of time for practicing during the class. You also learn ways to use Reiki for self-development.

Each student is advised to work with the energy, at this level, for a minimum of at least 3 months so you know you are ready to take the next step into the Second Degree


Reiki Second Degree Course

This is a 1 day course.

During the Second Degree course you learn 3 of the Reiki symbols and receive a further attunement, which greatly increase the energetic flow. You are shown the distance healing process and its many benefits. This level is about emotional and mental healing. You will understand the dynamism and power of this level and you will be equipped with the understanding you need to incorporate these techniques into your life.

It is recommended you leave a gap of at least six months or more between the Second and the Master level, working with the energy until you know for certain that you are ready to take the next step. It is important to discuss this progression with a Reiki Master.

Master and Master Practitioner (Reiki Third Degree) Course

“Master” would be best interpreted as “Mastery”. A person is ready to become a Reiki Master when their practice of Reiki is daily and routine and the 3 symbols are used in regular practice.

At this level you learn the Master symbol and receive the powerful Master attunement which lifts the system energetically to even greater heights and inner depths.  Its use at this level focuses primarily on self-mastery.

Many people like to become a Reiki Master first (which is a one day course) and some time later, take their practice further to become a Master Practitioner (a one day course) so they are equipped to give treatments to a wide range of other people.

The Master level energy has a tendency to bring up repressed issues which still need dealing with so it is helpful to allow time for this process before taking the Master Practitioner training.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

This course is for those who wish to teach others to become Reiki Practitioners. It is taught on a one-to-one basis – apprentice style and involves helping to organise courses and learning to teach groups and help others to benefit from Reiki.

Elements that must be covered in Master Teacher Training:

The training begins with a 1 day course which covers courses content, organisation of courses and attunement procedures for teaching all levels. Following the one day course is a compulsory but negotiated and flexible apprenticeship of a minimum of 30 hours over a period of 3/4 months during which the student works alongside the Master in giving Reiki treatments and being involved in Reiki teaching and training at levels I and II

This will involve a number of days spent attending courses at all levels. The apprentice receives individual coaching and takes part in as many workshops as necessary. Some students whilst training, organise courses in their own geographical area (lead by their Reiki Master/Teacher). In this way, students can be involved in all aspects of training from the start. This training usually helps you to establish your own healing centre.

Refresher Courses

These courses will be negotiable and tailored to the needs of the individual.


Training with Reiki Pure and Simple

$ NZ


  Reiki I

280 – time commitment is 9 hours

  Reiki II

350 – time commitment 1 day

  Reiki Master

280 – time commitment is 1 day. This fee is for students who have studied Reiki 1 and II with me

  Reiki Master Practitioner

400  – time commitment is 1 day plus the presentation of 10 case studies

  Reiki Master Teacher

Fee – please inquire – time commitment is 2 days + 30 hours supervised practice

  Refresher courses

100-450 depending on need – tailored to an individual’s needs