Reiki During Times of Sickness

When someone in the family is sick…..

Everyone knows how hard it can be when serious illness strikes a family.

The person who is ill feels bad enough as it is and they also feel they are asking a huge amount of a friend or partner or a relative.

The person giving the care is strong and a great support but over time they can become tired.

I understand this situation very well …from personal experience.

I worked for 8 months at one of the Wellspring Centres in Ontario, Canada.

“Wellspring” is a Canadian cancer support organization with support centres in a number of locations around Ontario.

I gave Reiki treatments and trained people in Reiki so that they could give Reiki treatments to themselves and to their family and friends.

While I was working at Wellspring, I saw first-hand the great need that exists for opportunities for non-medical support for the care-givers of people who are unwell… as well as the person who is sick.

“Time out” together in a comfortable and positive environment, brought a wide range of benefits – both therapeutic and social.

It was a time to get away from the illness for a while.

Sometimes, a care provider doesn’t want to leave the person they are looking after while they take a break and it can be hard to find someone to stay with their sick friend or partner, even for a couple of hours.

A person with a long-term illness suffers doubly because they are aware that the person who cares for them is under pressure and restricted because of them and their illness.

My work at Wellspring, gave me the idea to offer to people in Auckland, just a tiny part of what was on offer at Wellspring – the part I could offer – Reiki.

While I can’t offer anything like the full range of opportunities on offer at a Wellspring centre, I can offer Reiki in a comfortable, relaxing and positive environment.

Reiki brings relief from stress and strain.

I offer “Reiki, Relaxation and Re-vitalisation” for both the care giver and the person they are looking after.

I often hear comments like these:

“We used to go out about once a month but, since I’ve had this illness, there are very few places where we can go together and relax. We can’t go to the cinema because I can’t sit in one position for that long. We can’t go out for lunch or dinner either because of the restricted diet I’m on and I can’t walk far at the moment”.

“With the Reiki session, we have time out together just liked we used to. We really enjoy it and it feels great. We both get benefit from the Reiki and we get relaxation too. It’s something we can share just like we used to share other social activities. We go to a café afterwards and have a coffee. We talk about our Reiki session or what we read while we were relaxing AND we’re not talking about illness – that’s SO important to us. It’s very refreshing – we feel normal”.

How it usually works.

Two people come along – usually the person with an illness and their care-giver. The sick person has their Reiki treatment (one hour) while the care-giver sits and reads or relaxes…. just generally chills out. Then the sick person takes a nap or reads or generally relaxes while the care-giver has their one-hour Reiki treatment. Both people then sit for a short time having a drink and a chat.

This innovative model offers both people about 2.5 hours of Reiki, Rest, Relaxation and Re-vitalisation.

Total relaxation for a few hours plus the peace of mind of knowing that both people are gaining benefit… together…is very beneficial.

Call Eileen to discuss a double appointment 021 147 3162.

Eileen’s Reiki rooms are in Torbay, North Shore, Auckland.

If you’re interested, you may like to look at the Wellspring Canada website. It’s a wonderful resource for Canadians.