Stress Reduction using Reiki

Executive Stress and how to deal with it

Eileen knows all about executive stress….from her own personal experience.

It’s how she discovered Reiki herself.

Eileen’s own story:

During my 15 years as a tertiary college vice principal, my workload increased dramatically. When I first took the job, the college directorship comprised the principal, 4 vice principals and the accountant. Over the 15 years, student numbers (3000 over a 9am-9pm day) stayed the same or increased. Budget cuts forced staff downsizing and 2 years before I left the job – there was the principal, the accountant and me.

The workload was the same but there was a director staff of only 3 instead of the original 6.

Does that scenario sound familiar to you?

Are you looking for help to overcome work stress?

During one particularly hard year, I discovered Reiki and it changed my life.

I couldn’t have continued in my work and kept up the pace without Reiki.

I knew all the theory and strategies around stress management but Reiki improved and enhanced what I already knew in completely unexpected ways.

My stress management improved. The relaxation I experienced with Reiki brought me clear perspective on stressful issues and clarity of thinking.

My vitality increased and I felt replenished and strengthened.

Initially, I had Reiki treatments at 6pm every Friday on my way home from work.

Some Fridays I felt invigorated, refreshed and received an energy boost because Reiki had brought my body back into its own unique state of balance.

Other Fridays I felt so relaxed I could switch off completely and refocus on my life outside work.

After 3 months of Friday evening treatments, I trained in Reiki so I could give myself treatments every day.

I used Reiki every night when I got into bed and every morning as I woke up.

I gave myself a Reiki boost:

– before presentations I had to give
– whenever I had a particularly tough meeting ahead of me
– during and after difficult conversations
– when I needed inspiration to solve a problem
– before I heard disciplinary hearings
– if I was particularly tired before my 15 k commute home
– when I was hungry because I’d had to miss lunch

….in fact, absolutely anytime and for all potentially stressful occasions.

– I slept better because I was less anxious.
– I was less anxious because I had clarity and perspective in my thinking.
– I felt better and I felt healthier.
– I was sure my immune system was strengthened.
– I wanted to go for a walk on a weekend instead of just sleep.

Reiki helped me with many tough decisions.

The clarity and perspective I gained through Reiki ultimately lead me to quit the job because it was becoming impossible. It was very hard to let go because I’d been instrumental in building the college to where it was.

No decision was tougher than the decision I made to quit my directorship and embark on a new career but it was definitely the right decision.

Reiki is most beneficial when it’s received regularly. A regular treatment every two weeks or once a month can make a huge difference to how you feel at work and at home.

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